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Products and Services:

Wintergreen Orchard House collects detailed information for more than:

  • 2,000 4-Year Undergraduate Schools
  • 1,600 2-Year Community Colleges
  • 800 2-Year Technical Colleges
  • 24,000 Scholarship/Financial Aid Awards
  • 1,800 Summer Programs (based on The Guide to Summer Programs)

Wintergreen Orchard House maintains and updates college, school, and scholarship data available for lease. You may already have your own plans for products or web-based search tools: allow us to supply the data you need. The raw data lease offers the flexibility to create a custom search tool, perform college research and peer analysis, or offer valuable information for a variety of data-based needs. For websites, we offer a co-branding search tool option as well. Through a customized look and feel, your website could offer a college or scholarship search tool using the technology we've already created.

Service Escalation Process

Although we do not anticipate serious issues to arise from our data or co-branded tools, we want to be sure to offer a timely response to our clients if this does occur. If you need immediate assistance regarding our data, please contact 978-842-2785 or e-mail with a subject line of "high priorityā€¯. Your request will be replied to within one hour during regular business hours. If submitted outside of regular business hours, we will respond within 24 hours.

Here are the facts:

We go straight to the source!

We survey schools and scholarship providers directly and then input their responses into our databases. Aside from basic editing for grammar and clarity, the data you receive comes straight from the provider.

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We get answers!

As a result of our long-standing relationship with those who provide our data, we have the highest response rate in the market. Providers contact us to ensure they are listed in our databases and products.

Data is our business!

We live and breathe data. We review our data points annually to make sure we are collecting what you need! We use strict guidelines to make sure our data is clear and accurate. Wintergreen Orchard House is comprised of a full-time staff of editors who use and maintain the data on a daily basis. Data is our investment! We use the data in our own products and research, so we do everything we can to make sure it is current and complete.

Flexibility is key!

Maybe you just want school-sponsored scholarship data or only four-year schools that offer certain programs of study. We can work with you to accommodate your needs.

Interested in learning more about the many opportunities we have to offer? To explore more options, please contact our sales office:


Colene Kennelly
Director, Data Licensing and Operations