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Our Company

We are a major database compiler, provider, and publisher, specializing in the two- and four-year college, summer program, and scholarship fields.

For more than 47 years, Wintergreen Orchard House has been recognized for the depth and breadth of their data, as well as respected for its quality and integrity. Through its many products (College Admissions Data Sourcebooks, Index of Majors and Sports, College Atlas & Planner) and availability of custom data sent right to your inbox, Wintergreen Orchard House serves thousands of high school and independent counselors, educators, students, their parents, librarians, colleges, and universities every year.

The college database was originally developed by the Graduate School of Education of Harvard University in the 1950's and was regularly updated through the years. Orchard House, founded in 1978, took over the database from Harvard and managed the distribution and maintenance. In 1994, Orchard House merged with Wintergreen Software, Inc., a major educational software producer, and they became the largest college and scholarship database provider in the country.

In 2004, Wintergreen was acquired by Carnegie Communications. For over 25 years Carnegie has specialized in student recruitment solutions for higher education. Carnegie connects schools with college-bound and college students, crafting strategic plans that drive program enrollment through proven expertise in publishing, direct marketing, interactive, communications, creative, and research services.

Our Data

Wintergreen Orchard House considers it a responsibility to provide the most accurate and current data at every level for students, their parents, counselors, and education providers.

  • 24,000+ scholarships, grants, loans, and internships with over $7 billion in available money
  • 2,000+ four-year colleges/universities
  • 5,000+ two-year community college, technical, trade, and business schools
  • 2,600 Private Schools
  • 1,800 Summer Programs
  • 2,200 Special Needs Schools/Programs

Our Survey

Online surveys are sent out yearly for two- and four-year colleges/universities to Institutional Research and Admissions offices. Surveys are returned and completed by over 90% of schools and then verified by our editors in order to ensure the data is completely updated and accurate and in its best form to be viewed by prospective students.

Our Clients

With its data found on countless websites geared towards higher education such as CollegeXpress.com, LearningExpress.com, XAP.com, AIE.org, MyCollegeOptions.org, CollegeNet.com, and many more, Wintergreen Orchard House's data is proving to be the go-to choice for educational information on the web.

Whether you are looking for a college guidebook for your students or building a website geared towards higher education, we have everything you need to help your audience explore all their options.