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2015-16 CADS Regional Editions Loose Leaf -Limited Quantities!

Regional editions (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, and West) of the College Admissions Data Sourcebook, offering the most comprehensive, unbiased data on all four-year colleges.

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2015-16 Hyper-Handbook CD-ROM (PDF ONLY!)

The College Admissions Data Hyper-Handbook provides the data you need to give your students the choices they deserve. Research more than 4,100 pages of college and university data on a single CD-ROM. You have quick access to the Four-Year College Admissions Data Sourcebook and the Four-Year College Index of Majors & Sports. The pages on-screen and in printouts appear exactly like the printed Sourcebook in two-page spreads. The most comprehensive and unbiased resource for college admissions data on the market, with full descriptions of 1,700 accredited four-year colleges on one CD-ROM. The download will be sent via e-mail.

$199  || SALE! $10

2015-16 CADS Index of Majors & Sports (PDF ONLY!)

Designed to complement the CADS, this companion resource profiles the same 1,700 four-year institutions by major, intercollegiate sports, and 14 other areas including tuition, cooperative education programs, honors and internship programs, religious affiliation, ROTC, accreditations, and more. Available as a downloadable PDF, saving you money and shelf space.

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